A Win For Wildlife

It’s nice to bring you some good news.  I’m pleased to report that together, we have a big win for local wildlife here on the Gaviota Coast.

credit: Wikicommons

Highway 101 is a major impediment to wildlife movement all across the Gaviota Coast. All too frequently animals are killed trying to cross this major traffic corridor.  But thanks to work by Gaviota Coast Conservancy, Coastal Ranches Conservancy (CRC), CalTrans, and Congressman Salud Carbajal, our region received an $8 million award  for improving a wildlife crossing on the Gaviota Coast.  It is the only federal award being made for wildlife crossings in California from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

This was a multi-year effort beginning in 2020, where GCC and CRC appealed a Caltrans culvert upgrade decision at the County level to the California Coastal Commission, as the original culvert proposal was inadequate for wildlife.  Caltrans withdrew its project and committed to a US 101 Gaviota Pass Wildlife Connectivity Study.  The result of that study led to several possible locations for wildlife crossings and then a submittal to the federal government for assistance, with the $8M award being recently announced in December 2023.

We celebrate this victory for wildlife with you, our supporters, who without you, we could not do this work.  Thank you!

GCC’s sole mission is to protect the Gaviota Coast. We employ a multifaceted strategy to achieve this goal. We advocate for policies that safeguard natural and cultural resources, bolster agriculture, and ensure public access. We support local farmers and ranchers, advancing regenerative agriculture practices that sustain soil health, judiciously manage water resources, eschew harmful chemicals, and nurture biological diversity. 

While our advocacy remains robust, we are intensifying efforts towards permanent protection by acquiring conservation easements and vulnerable properties facing development pressures.

Continue to support the Gaviota Coast by donating to GCC. Your contribution will directly fuel our endeavors to preserve the Gaviota Coast for current and future generations. Together, we can ensure this natural treasure endures, offering solace, heritage, and ecological splendor to all.

Please donate generously and help us safeguard the Gaviota Coast.

Warm regards,

Doug Kern

Executive Director

Gaviota Coast Conservancy

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