Support the Gaviota Coast on Giving Tuesday

As the Executive Director of the Gaviota Coast Conservancy (GCC), I am reaching out to you on this Giving Tuesday with a heartfelt plea to join us in safeguarding the unparalleled beauty and ecological significance of the Gaviota Coast.

The Gaviota Coast stretches across 76 miles, holding within its embrace globally significant natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources. It stands as one of the last remaining stretches of unspoiled coastline in Southern California. Its historic ranching landscape, preserved for over two centuries, is a testament to California’s heritage, yet it faces unprecedented threats from development pressures.

At GCC, our sole mission is to protect this invaluable stretch of coast. We employ a multifaceted strategy to achieve this goal. We support local farmers and ranchers, advancing regenerative agriculture practices that sustain soil health, judiciously manage water resources, eschew harmful chemicals, and nurture biological diversity. Additionally, we advocate for policies that bolster agriculture, safeguard resources, and ensure public access.

Acting as vigilant guardians, we monitor development proposals, steadfastly opposing any that jeopardize public access, cultural heritage, biological richness, or the agricultural legacy of the Gaviota Coast. Crucially, we are forging alliances with landowners to secure lasting protection for future generations.

Since our inception in 1996, our advocacy has successfully repelled detrimental development plans, preventing residential subdivisions on vital agricultural lands at Las Varas Ranch and Santa Barbara Ranch. This year, we achieved a significant victory by halting ExxonMobil’s proposal to recommence crude oil transportation through the compromised pipeline responsible for the catastrophic Refugio Oil Spill in 2015. While our advocacy remains robust, we are intensifying efforts towards permanent protection by acquiring conservation easements and vulnerable properties facing development pressures.

This Giving Tuesday, I invite you to consider supporting our cause by making a donation to GCC. Your contribution will directly fuel our endeavors to preserve the Gaviota Coast for current and future generations. Together, we can ensure this natural treasure endures, offering solace, heritage, and ecological splendor to all.

Please donate generously and help us safeguard the Gaviota Coast.

Warm regards,

Doug Kern

Executive Director

Gaviota Coast Conservancy

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