Our Mission:

Gaviota Coast Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the rural character and environmental integrity of the Gaviota Coast for present and future generations.

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Gaviota District Carbon Management Plan

now available for download.

Gaviota District Carbon Management Plan Maps (high resolution)

GCC is aware that access to the beach

through Naples

(aka Santa Barbara Ranch)

 was blocked on or around March 30, 2020.

We are working to address

the issue and restore public access.


Gaviota beach image by Reeve Woolpert


The Three Pillars:

Gaviota Coast Conservancy's actions are guided by what we call the Three Pillars of the Gaviota Coast, each one an integral and interconnected support that together fulfill our mission. Each can have separate application to specific lands. They are:

Rural Character

Preserve the rural character of the Gaviota Coast and where appropriate, encourage regenerative agriculture. Agriculture is the bedrock of our coastal heritage. We encourage agricultural practices that build soil, manage water wisely, avoid toxic chemicals and support biological resources. 

Ecological Integrity

Restore and enhance the ecological integrity of the Gaviota Coast, its whole and undivided natural character. Support policies and practices that promote and revitalize biological diversity.

Public Access

 Encourage appropriate and respectful public use and access. Recreation and rejuvenation are personal and community benefits. People that experience their environment become more active stewards of their homeland. 


Rancho Tajiguas, 1970s, photo by Mehosh, used with permission



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  • Latest from the blog

    Hollister Ranch Coastal Access Program (HRCAP) Survey #2


    The State is engaged in the Hollister Ranch Coastal Access Program Planning Process (HRCAP) to create responsible public access across the 8.5 mile coastline of Hollister Ranch. This planning process began with the 1982 Hollister Ranch Access Plan, which was never implemented.  

    Public access at the Ranch became a “live” issue in 2018 when the Gaviota Coast Conservancy initiated the Gaviota Coastal Trail Alliance, https://www.gaviotacoastaltrailalliance.org/, with three allied organizations to oppose a proposed sweetheart court settlement between the State of California and Hollister Ranch Owners Association. Alliance lawyers convinced the court that the settlement was not legal or fair.  Subsequent State legislation mandates that four state agencies conduct a public planning process, the HRCAP, to develop a program for public access at Hollister Ranch by April 2021 and implement the first phase of public access to Hollister Ranch by April 2022.

    This process is proceeding quickly so it is important to make your opinions known now. The state has created an online survey concerning elements of this access plan at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HRCAPSurvey2.

    We strongly encourage you to complete this survey. Make your voice known so this vital link in the California Coastal Trail can be realized.  Sign up at the end of the survey to receive notices and updates.

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