Santa Barbara Natives

By Andrea Hoot

On the most recent Gaviota Coast Conservancy field trip, we visited Santa Barbara Natives, which is a plant nursery located on the property of La Paloma Ranch. The drive up the canyon road was stunning, and the weather was perfect. Santa Barbara Natives grow locally propagated plants for Santa Barbara County restoration and mitigation projects. They also sell plants to landscape architects, designers, and the general public. 

Photo Courtesy of Deborah – Santa Barbara Natives GCC Group

John and Jeff own and operate the nursery, and they provided a very nice and lively tour to the dozen or so GCC members. We asked a lot of questions and were eager to learn about caring for these native species. We learned how each species is irrigated differently, by sprinklers, or by hand. We also learned how some species require more shade than others, and how they protect them against birds and rodents. They are clearly passionate about what they do, and work very hard to make it a successful nursery! Thank you Jeff and John !

Janet: “I will plant Long Leaf Milkweed for the monarchs. The Yerba Mansa, or “lizard tail” (descriptive of the shoots it sends out) can be made into a tea to alleviate colds, coughs and as a general pain remedy. Jeff took a nibble off a leaf and described it’s pungent but friendly taste.”

Photo Courtesy of Janet Koed

Deborah – “Here is my baby plant I purchased yesterday from the nursery. I just planted this WoodMint.”

Photo Courtesy of Deborah – Wood Mint Plant

“I really enjoyed the native plant tour with the 2 knowledgeable fellows explaining their big nursery project up in the Gaviota region foothills.  The drive was very enjoyable coming south from Santa Ynez via Hwy 101. Thanks again for including me.”

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