Honoring Jack and Laura Dangermond

By Doug Kern

On September 21, 2019, the Gaviota Coast Conservancy will honor Jack and Laura Dangermond for their outstanding conservation work at Coastal Legacy 2019

Jack and Laura Dangermond

In 2017, Jack and Laura preserved in perpetuity the largest privately owned ranch on the Gaviota Coast. The Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve now protects over 24,000 acres in Santa Barbara County.

The Dangermonds spent $165 million to purchase the property and then donate it to The Nature Conservancy, conserving 8 miles of precious, unspoiled coastline in the process. This preserve is located at the junction between major land and marine communities, essentially where northern and southern California meet. This unique location supports rich habitat and species diversity with many endangered or threatened species. The $165 million donation is the largest gift presented to the Nature Conservancy.

Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve (outlined in red)
The Gaviota Coast and GCC Area of Interest (in yellow)

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by GCC, especially given their tireless commitment to protecting these unique coastal lands. The Bixby Ranch preservation is just the beginning of a larger, collective initiative where organizations like GCC and The Nature Conservancy lead the way to conserve one-of-a-kind ecosystems that are havens for biodiversity.”

– Jack Dangermond, ESRI founder and president.

With this 2017 donation to The Nature Conservancy and the recent donation by Charlie Munger of the Las Varas Ranch to UCSB in late 2018, the Gaviota Coast Conservancy is working to insure that other major properties along the coast are conserved.

Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve near Point Conception

The Gaviota Coast Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the rural character and environmental integrity of the Gaviota Coast for present and future generations. Join the celebration with others who are deeply committed to conserving this unspoiled coast forever. Coastal Legacy 2019 will be held on September 21, 2019 from 2:00-500 pm at the Music Academy of the West. Buy your tickets today!

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