A Vision Through the Mist

by Janet Koed

Beginning a misty magical adventure

Today I had a special moment you might appreciate. It starts out with a group meeting up for a kayak day trip at Refugio. Met by some disappointing foggy weather, we launched into the familiar abyss. Water and air were chilly and I was uninspired to jump off the kayak into Mother Ocean. Never-the-less our Channel Island Adventure Co guides, Christine and Sean, were good at pointing out those little kelp creatures that help make the world go ‘round. Sean was reciting tidbits of US Navy shipwrecks and Spanish exploration history on Gaviota. The water was calm and quiet as the low marine layer wafted in and out.

As we approached our return to point A, Sean told us the Chumash creation story of the Rainbow Bridge. The island of Limu was becoming overcrowded as the People flourished. Hutash presented a route to cross over to an expansive land that would provide a new home for many. When Sean got to the part about the People looking down below, from the rainbow and falling in, one of the paddlers exclaimed, “Dolphins!” About 6 dolphins appeared very near to us as we floated in our kayaks. They swam beside us as we returned to the beach. The day felt magical and mystical. Thank you Channel Island Adventure Co for the opportunity to witness this day from your kayaks and for supporting the work of Gaviota Coast Conservancy in protecting the natural resources we are gifted with.

Please take the time to hear Julie Tumamait-Stensilie tell the Chumash creation story and recognize the original inhabitants of Gaviota and beyond.

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