Low Tide Solitude

By Janet Koed

Many years ago, in high school, I took an occupational placement test. The results suggested I should become a forest ranger or a lighthouse keeper. This profile suits me well for walks on isolated beaches during times of Covid. While I did not quite follow the recommended career path, I have found great comfort in traipsing over low tide beaches, especially in edgy winter weather. For some like me, the experience of walking a wild expansive landscape while Covidly keeping my distance from other humans can be very comforting. This can also be a great experience to share with another confidant.

Reflecting on Gaviota – Photo Courtesy of Bill Zeldis

I invite you to investigate Gaviota Coast beaches during some sweet low tides this season. Suggestions include Sands Beach which can be accessed from Coal Oil Point, Ellwood Beach accessed from the Ellwood bluff, Haskell’s (although the trek up toward the west can be rocky in places), El Capitan State Beach and Refugio. If you’re headed up to North County, Jalama, Surf Beach and Point Sal can provide some amazing beach territory.

Consider taking some gloves and a bag for trash removal. And please send photos to janet.koed@gaviotacoastconservancy.org with permission to post.

GCC is building trail information into its website. In the meantime, here are some websites that can provide you with trail guidance:

Low Tides for February and March, 2021

Saturday, 2/6 at 12:20pm -0.4’
Sunday, 2/7 at 1:15pm -0.9’
Monday, 2/8 at 2:00pm -1.2’
Tuesday, 2/9 at 2:40pm -1.3’
Wednesday, 2/10 at 3:15pm -1.3’
Thursday, 2/11 at 4:00 -1.1’
Monday, 2/22 at 1:20pm -0.2’
Tuesday, 2/23 at 2:00pm -0.6’
Wednesday, 2/24 at 2:20pm -0.9’
Thursday, 2/25 at 2:53pm -1.0’
Friday, 2/26 at 3:25pm -1.0’
Saturday, 2/27 at 4:00pm -0.9’ Full Moon
Sunday, 2/28 at 4:30pm -0.6
Saturday, 3/6 at 11:00am -0.1’
Sunday, 3/7 at 12 noon -0.5’

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