Gaviota Coast Conservancy and the project developer are jointly requesting to postpone the County Planning Commission’s hearing on April 24th concerning GCC’s appeal of the El Capitan Canyon Resort Area F1-F2 project.

This recent development follows a productive meeting yesterday where both parties explored potential solutions to address the appeal. We are now collaboratively exploring whether we can reach a win-win solution that resolves the appeal issues and benefits both the environment and the campground.

The public’s concerns regarding Area F remain a priority in these discussions. We will continue open dialogue with all stakeholders as we move forward in the coming weeks.

Agenda and Public Participation

As the appeal is already on the Planning Commission’s agenda, the Commissioners will decide on the postponement request at the meeting. While public participation is always encouraged, we are not seeking additional comments at this time.

The hearing is expected to be deferred to July 10th, tentatively. We will provide updates as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Doug Kern

Executive Director

Gaviota Coast Conservancy

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