In Remembrance of Richard Hunt

Gaviota Coast Conservancy

by Phil McKenna & Janet Koed

Photo Courtesy of Ray Ford


Richard Hunt was a kind and gentle man who served as the Treasurer of the Gaviota Coast Conservancy for over 15 years. Richard died January 25 and has left a hole in in our organization and our hearts. 

Richard was a CPA who brought his professional skills to the financial management of the Conservancy. Personally, he was skeptical of stories too good to be true, but was judicious in his criticism, always striving to achieve good results as opposed to winning arguments. He was analytical by training, but open-minded by inclination. He was detail oriented but understood that the minutia or an organization always needed to support its broad objectives. He was gifted with numbers and gracious with people.  

He was a naturalist, scuba diver, hiker, kayaker, father and family man He was honest and generous. He had a keen wit and a gorgeous dry sense of humor.  

His spirited actions to protect Gaviota and all of nature has left his mark on Santa Barbara’s conservation community. We feel his loss, but are graced by his contributions and goodwill.

May he be soaring on an eagle’s wing or climbing to the peak of a high mountain trail.

Richard Lewis Hunt

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