Fish Story – Great White Appears

by Janet Koed

Tom with Martin Almonza

The Weather was perfect; the setting at Haskell’s was glorious. August 26 was a very good day for the Sportfishing Conservancy Classic Tournament. An abundance of eelgrass released a few fish from lines before they could be photographed, documented and tossed back by the fishing people. A few of us, who didn’t even fish, came out to witness the sporting fun. For me, the best part was hearing the tall tales and acknowledging the good work Tom Raftican and Patrick Friedman do for coastal conservation efforts in our area. All registration fees from this tournament go to Gaviota Coast Conservancy.

I might recommend a prize for the “best fishing story” for future tournaments. On this particular day in August, one of the kayak fishermen came in a little spooked. He reported having been circled by a great white shark! These folks know their fish so no one doubted his encounter. Perhaps the shark was looking for an easy catch as well.

Fish catch winners can report their catch by measuring and photographing their fish listed in certain categories which exclude great white sharks. These winners were celebrated by all.

#1 Martin Almonza (see photo above)

#2 Danny Helton

Tom with Danny Helton

#3 Helen Long

Helen Long Awarded

Grand Prize Raffle Winner went to young Evan Gonzales.

Evan Gonzales – Kayak Winner
Lucky Steve with Tom

Fishing equipment prize went to our own lucky Steve Forsell.

Join us next year at Haskell’s. For information on the Sportfishing Conservancy activities, visit their website.

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