Volunteer Opportunity: Monarch Monitoring


Come Learn about The Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count on the Gaviota Coast

Join us at The Sandbox with Charis van der Heide, biologist at Rincon Consultants in Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County volunteer coordinator for the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count, who will share a 25-minute presentation on the annual monarch butterfly migration and the Count, sponsored by Xerces Society and the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count.

Every November and January, volunteers throughout California mobilize to count monarchs at overwintering sites and the efforts are organized by local coordinators: Jessica Griffiths, senior biologist at Althouse and Meade in Paso Robles for SLO County and Charis van der Heide in Santa Barbara County.

There are at least a dozen monarch butterfly overwintering sites on the Gaviota Coast, and possibly others that have yet to be found. We hope to recruit volunteers to help count populations and possibly locate new monarch treasures of the Gaviota Coast. Volunteers may even discover new overwintering sites. Volunteers will receive instruction, training and invitation to join the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count on the Gaviota Coast.

More information about the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count: http://www.westernmonarchcount.org/

More information about the Xerces Society: https://xerces.org/