Petition for Tajiguas Solutions

  • What if we could separate out compostable green waste onsite for residences and businesses before it gets to the dump?
  • What if that green waste could be used for a massive carbon farming program to reduce atmospheric carbon? 
  • What if we reduced the kinds of items sent to the dump in the first place, with a robust, local green waste and education program?
  • What if the reduced amount of landfill trash went in renewable (natural gas, hydrogen or electric) trash trucks to the new, state-of-the-art facility in Santa Maria that was built specifically to receive South Coast trash when Tajiguas fills up?

These are simple, cost-effective solutions that would produce better compost than that of the proposed, very expensive anaerobic digester that the County is planning, at a huge cost reduction, without extending the life of the only (leaky) dump in the California coastal zone. This dump was anticipated to close in 2015 and we're already pushing it. How long can we keep patching it up with expensive fixes?


Petition for Alternatives to the Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project

We oppose the proposed Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project on the sensitive Gaviota Coast and ask our elected leaders to work with the community to find less expensive and more environmentally beneficial alternatives to managing our solid waste.

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