Paradiso del Mare

(April 9, 2015, Santa Barbara, CA) In 2014, the Board of Supervisors and Coastal Commission each approved two large residential complexes on 2 existing agricultural lots.  While the Project Description included trail easements and permanent protection of undeveloped areas through conservation easements, one of the homes is sited on top of an historic coastal access trail, and the EIR failed to recognize significant impacts to sensitive animals, including white tail kites and Pacific harbor seals.  Coastal access was constrained, and the approvals included infrastructure to build up to 10 homes on Makar’s adjacent Naples lots. 

Gaviota Coast Conservancy and Surfrider filed lawsuit against the County and Coastal Commission, which are pending. An interim agreement has re-opened the historic public access path from the Highway 101 corridor, and the guard has been instructed to not interfere with public access on the historical Seals Trail. Please report any difficulties you experience in accessing this property to Gaviota Coast Conservancy. 

The County’s land use planning page can be accessed here: