As many have read and heard our Gaviota Coast had a “town” called Naples, named after its Italian counterpart. Well sort of. In 1888 an East Coast businessman bought 500 acres of very cheap farmland from the owner of the Dos Pueblos Ranch. His plan was to divide the land into lots of several acres or less and call it a "town". He would then await the completion of the Southern Pacific coastal train route, sell the lots, and likely flee with the money. His scheme faded when the railroad was delayed and he passed away.

In 2000, a group of concerned organizations including the Gaviota Coast Conservancy banded together to monitor and protect the rural character of Naples.

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    Muito bom! Acesse:
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    “The Naples Coalition consists of the Sierra Club, Surfrider, Citizens Planning Association, Audubon Society, League of Woman Voters, and the Gaviota Coast Conservancy as well as unaffiliated individuals. Our goals are to preserve the view sheds, restore the bio diverse habitat, maintain wildlife corridors, protect the sensitive coastal bluff, and provide appropriate public access. We recognize the extreme sensitivity the Chumash Peoples have for this land.”
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