Channel Islands Restoration


Channel Islands Restoration (CIR) is a Carpinteria based non-profit organization, and we are well known for our many habitat restoration projects on the Channel Islands. Fewer people know that we have restored habitat at several locations on the Gaviota Coast, including planting thousands of natives, removing miles of Arundo from Refugio Creek and removing invasive plants at the Arroyo Hondo Preserve and Refugio State Beach.

CIR grew out of a volunteer project to remove invasive plants on Santa Cruz Island in the early 2000s. Since then, and with the help of more than 6,000 volunteers, CIR has worked on all eight of the Channel Islands and at nearly 50 locations on the coastal mainland from Orcutt to San Pedro. CIR specializes in removing invasive plants in sensitive habitats, particularly where they encroach on threatened or endangered plant and animal species. We also construct nurseries and grow native plants that are used to revegetate restoration sites.

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Jack Johnson Concert


Jack Johnson testified to the importance of protecting the Gaviota Coast by inviting Naples Coalition and Gaviota Coast Conservancy volunteers to table in his All AT ONCE village at his September 1st concert at the Santa Barbara County Bowl. Jack also offered us $2,500 in matching funds which we have succeeded in raising.

Jack is a true friend of the Gaviota Coast.