Paradisio del Mare (Makar)

Report on Paradisio del Mare (Makar)
The Planning Commission has already heard the public's concerns, and will be focusing on questions for County experts and deliberations on December 4th.

The November 20th hearing was well attended, the public was well prepared and organized, and the Commission heard our message loud and clear:  this Project and its EIR are too flawed to be approved. 

Peter Howorth, marine mammal expert, Mark Holmgren, kite expert, and Mark Kram, geo/hazards expert, all came and testified regarding the inadequacies in the EIR's analysis and mitigation.  CRAHTAC and SB Trails Council explained why the proposed Offers to Dedicate easements for future trails and beach access did not adequately mitigate for the loss of existing access.  Surfrider made the case for a public prescriptive right to continue accessing the property for recreational purposes.  SB Audubon explained why the Project is inconsistent with policies protecting White-tailed kites and ESH.  GCC put forward a feasible project alternative that would provide an environmentally preferable location for the Ocean Estate and vertical beach access.

Not one member of the public testified in support of the Project.

The Commissioners raised significant concerns regarding impacts to white-tailed kites, the Naples harbor seal rookery, public recreational access, and a very significant Chumash site, as well as the safety of building adjacent to abandoned oil wells, and of the proposed project access point off Highway 101. 

The hearing was continued to December 4, and it is likely to be the third item on the agenda (late AM or early PM - according to Dianne Black).  We anticipate the hearing will start with Commission questions for the County biological consultant regarding kites and seals, followed by public comment on new issues, and Commission deliberations.